Thursday, December 11, 2008


The Dub Room Special Description:

All tracks are previously unreleased on CD and with the exception of the "Token" Vamp, appeared for the first time in "The Dub Room Special. "The basic tracks from Inca Roads & Florentine Pogen were recorded live at KCET during the production of our TV special," writes FZ on One Size Fits All (1975). This equally thoroughly rejected television program is know as A Token Of His Extreme.

The Dub Room Special Track Listings:

01. A Token Of My Extreme (Vamp) 2:29
02. Stevie’s Spanking 5:54
03. The Dog Breath Variations 1:42
04. Uncle Meat 2:16
05. Stink-Foot 3:58
06. Easy Meat 6:51
07. Montana 4:24
08. Inca Roads 9:46
09. Room Service 9:15
10. Cosmik Debris 7:44
11. Florentine Pogen 10:13

Wazoo Special Description:

The last of a series of eight stunning live concerts of the 20-piece Mothers Of Invention/Hot Rats/Grand Wazoo under the baton of Frank Zappa and thoroughly described by him in the attendant booklet wherein he includes in the description, "A Grown Man Battles Natural Forces to Get the Right Tones from an E-Flat Contrabass Sarrusophone." Call one today.

Wazoo Track Listings:


01. Intro Intros 3:19
02. The Grand Wazoo (Think It Over) 17:21
03. Approximate 13:35
04. Big Swifty 11:49


01. “Ulterior Motive” 3:19
02. The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary: Movement I 4:50
03. Movement II 9:07
04. Movement III 12:33
05. Movement IV - The New Brown Clouds 6:07
06. Penis Dimension 3:35
07. Variant I Processional March 3:28
Both releases are in stores beginning December 8, 2008

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