Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ellerman Rocks out Huntington Beach

Music Review -
Ellerman are far from predictable. Their aggressive, guitar-heavy assault is as passionate as it is powerful yet they incorporate layered arrangements and subtle passages that are often quite beautiful. The band members' diverse musical influences work together to manifest a unique hybrid that forms the basis of Ellerman's 'signature' sound. But don't expect your average run-of-the-mill Alternative Metal band. With Ellerman, 'expectations' and 'predictability' are not part of their plan.

The band's sound is laced with densely layered guitars, driving rhythm, and merciless yet soulful and melodic vocals. Never content to indulge in the darker, hopeless side of life, the musical landscape that Ellerman inhabits is one that is filled with shadows and light. For every battle that is lost, there is an opportunity that is gained and Ellerman always end up victorious.
Ellerman are, in essence, a brilliant and innovative band; a culmination of intuitive lyricism and an aggressive sense of purpose that commands the listener's attention. To experience Ellerman is not just to hear them but also to feel them.
Music Review -by Steve "SPAZ" Schnee (Discussions Magazine)

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