Friday, January 23, 2009

LIGHT IN THE ATTIC- Crazy Cool New Releases

No matter what youre'll love the stuff that Light In The Attic puts out. This is a little label with a big heart. They seriously only put out the coolest of the cool. The swankiest most hip stuff.
This is the label that brought us Rodriguez "Cold Fact" earlier this year. I'll say no more...Just check it... (three amazing upcoming releases)

Sex has always sold, but presented with a landmark musical backdrop, the combination is rare as finding the elusive "G Spot". Quite often, attempts fall flaccid, missing the titillating mark by a mile. But French icon and national treasure Serge Gainsbourg is no stranger to sexual proclivities, and with his 1971 Histoire De Melody Nelson he shared an erotic tale as seductive today as the day it was released. With help from actress, amour, and inspiration Jane Birkin, arranger/conductor and co-conspirator Jean-Claude Vannier (L'Enfant Assassins Des Mouches), not to mention a tight hand picked crew of top shelf UK session musicians, Nelson is often cited as Gainsbourg's master work, an essential album for the discerning music lover.

36-pg deluxe booklet feat. in-depth notes, interviews with band, lyrics, and trove of unseen photos. Select CDs include limited edition Monks Trading Card (collect all 9 cards!)

Today, "garage," "psych," and "punk" are three overused words to say the least. They're dropped from every direction to brand, market, and sell, but looking back to the mid-1960s, there was only one group of musical mavericks that clearly defined them. The Monks were five beat playing American GIs stationed in Germany who, after their discharge, decided to stay and continue their musical mission. Meeting up with a team of local managers, they transformed themselves and their sound into a holy racket like the world had never known. This five-person order literally birthed the above genres through a fuzz-drenched evolution of sound, bursting with social commentary and future primitive rhythms.

...AND JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT COULDNT GET BETTER...they are all available on vinyl, too!

So, come end of March & early April (respectively) go to AMAZON and BUY THESE.

You won't regret it.

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