Friday, May 22, 2009

DWELE/Sketches Of A Man


The new album from DWELE

June 24th, 2009

Singer/songwriter Dwele (pronounced dweh-lay) has carved out a niche for himself in the contemporary soul game as a smooth jazz-minded crooner of introspective and innovative groove.
The Detroit-based artist first made a name for himself with a demo he made in his bedroom which led to one of the hippest hip hop soul collaborations of all-time (Slum Village's "Tainted"), a major label deal.
Subsequent work followed with artists that stretch from Roy Ayers (in concert), Boney James (on record) and Earth Wind & Fire (on the Grammy-nominated remake for “That’s The Way of the World”), to rappers Common’s Grammy nominated "The People," and Kanye West’s Grammy-winning single "Flashing Lights."
On his own, he contributed the single gems "Find a Way" and "I Think I Luv U" to the canon of neo soul classics, but is best loved as that rare maker of fine albums.
His third and latest album Sketches of a Man finds Dwele on the independent RT Music Group (the domain of his managers Ron and Tim, distributed by KOCH), meticulously baking another masterpiece of chocolate soul genius.

Dwele is a very spontaneous and organic creator in that he never goes into an album with a preset concept in mind. Rather he weaves a storyline from the songs he selects and sequences for the album, noting the picture they create for him. This makes him as surprised about the finished project as his admirers.

The album's first single is a mindbender he calls "I’m Cheatin'," produced by West Coast-based G-1 who helmed his breakthrough hit "Find a Way" as well as "Know Your Name" from Some Kinda. "

You might already be familiar with Dwele from this groovy advert for McDonalds' McCafe commercial!

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