Sunday, May 24, 2009

THE HARLEM SHAKES/Technicolor Health

The world needs more bands like THE HARLEM SHAKES and it definitely needs more albums like Technicolor Health!

This is one of those albums that comes along every now and then and just surprises the hell out of ya! The melodies are breezy and instantly hummable, the music is played with absolute joy and the band is as sincere as they come, although it's created out of a sense of fun and a passion for making music. How do I know that? I've HEARD it, which is entirely different than just listening to it. Sometimes, you have to shut out the world to be able to slip into the comforting sounds of an album like Technicolor Health, but it is worth it.

While it's not exactly Beach Boys-like, there is still a sunny West Coast vibe dripping through each track, which is kind of strange for a band from Brooklyn! Still, the album is wonderfully joyful and quirky with keyboards and guitars swirling around while slightly awkward vocals pick up the pieces and turn this into a guaranteed good time, especially when you want something out of the ordinary but also unique and special.

If you're one of those who keep complaining about the lack of good new music, then you just aren't paying attention. So, now you know!

Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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