Sunday, May 24, 2009


We all love THE SILENT YEARS and their latest album The Globe. The press does, too:

A bit of press for "The Globe" "After one listen, I may have found my summer pop record" - Bob Boilen NPR All Songs Considered

"The Silent Years may be the best indie rock band in the country"

"The Globe is the rare album that is simultaneously immediate and timeless 4 1/2 out of 5 stars" -Jason Horine, UR Chicago Magazine

"You must download "The World's Worst Birthday Gift" immediately" - Men's Health

"Smart and elegantly constructed, the album is less a collection of songs than a gorgeous, often heartaching patchwork of sonic vignettes--4 out of 4 stars"--Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press

"For their second album, The Silent Years put together a beautiful album that can be dissected for its profound lyrical content while simultaneously enjoyed in your car stereo on a Friday night after work. The Globe doesn’t just follow a musical trend, it creates one. 4 out of 4 stars "-Sam Frank, Zink Magazine

"The Globe offers bigger, louder and more involved arrangements, without sacrificing the sweetness that marked the earlier releases. Songs like album-opener "Out Into the Wild" and the ear-catching "Pay It Back" are sweeping, outsized cinematic tapestries"--Chris Parker, Pittsburgh City Paper

" This is their third release to date and brings beautiful orchestration to new highs with its earnest, almost organic sound. Each track is gorgeous -- a blend of symphonies, strong rock guitar riffs, gentle banjos and pianos -- creating a juxtaposition of heavy and light, soft and dark that makes the album well rounded. This is a great album from a great Michigan band -- learn them, love them."--Jessica Kizer, Kalamazoo Gazette

"The Silent Years not only rise to the occasion, they soar beyond the point where any reasonable band would be satisfied."--Laura Witkowski, Detroit Metro Times

"one of the best records you may ever hear.5 out of 5 stars"-- Caleb O’Connor, Real Detroit Weekly

"Wandering between the fingerpicked reflections and the thundering epiphanies of their sophomore album, The Globe, The Silent Years have crafted one of this year's standout indie releases. It may seem ironic that The Globe's ruminations of the universality of all things have so clearly separated the band from the ever-expanding nebula of their peers, but it squares perfectly with their message that all things coexist—just on different scales."

"They are dreamy without putting you to sleep. They are commercial without being cookie cutter. They are emotional without being sappy. They are everything a band should be in this day and age. And none of the band members sports a ridiculous Emo haircut, which is OK in my book!" Stephen SPAZ

So, buy it NOW!
Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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