Sunday, May 24, 2009

SLIM WHITMAN: The Essential-Import 3CD set available now!

Before he retired at the beginning of the millennium, SLIM WHITMAN was one of Country Music's most unique talents. With a yodel in his voice and his heart on his sleeve, he recorded and toured for more than five decades, achieving fame and adulation all over the world (especially in the UK). His recordings were haunting, heartfelt and always sincere.

Slim released a slew of hits in the '50s before Rock 'N' Roll began to dominate the charts. Continuing to release records up until the early '80s, Slim recorded some of the most wonderful slices of Country Music known to man, yet was often overlooked (and, dare I say it, forgotten) in favor of the current cowboys that were riding the charts. His fame continued to grow outside the U.S., where he became a true living legend.

Best remembered here in the States for his early '80s infomercial advertising his All My Best release AND for providing the yodeling on "Indian Love Call", which killed the aliens in the movie Mars Attacks, Whitman is not given the credit he deserves.

Which makes the arrival of The Essential Slim Whitman a true blessing. The three discs contained in this set will give a new generation the chance to hear what has made Whitman one of the most beloved performers by true Country connoisseurs. Slim is a true American Idol!

Throw this triple scoop of Whitman on your CD player and enjoy the voice, the songs and the emotion of these classic recordings. I must admit that sitting down and listening to 85 tracks in one go might be a bit much for even Slim himself, but if you spin one disc at a time, it will leave you breathless.

Come on back, Slim, and show the kids how it should be done!

Don't just sit there, folks, do something!

Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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