Thursday, July 23, 2009

ADELITAS WAY: The self-titled debut album available NOW!

Las Vegas-based Adelitas Way's polished, chrome-laden modern rock draws its water from the same angsty, aggro-well as bands like Hinder, Godsmack, Burn Halo, Avenged Sevenfold, and Three Days Grace.
Bolstered by the admittedly infectious single "Invincible," which wound its way onto the pop culture carousel as the theme song for the weekly World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars show, the band's eponymous debut sizzles with rage, sex, and regret, occasionally veering into "pick yourself up and dust off your coat"-style self-improvement.
Founder and lead singer Rick DeJesus sports a familiar, even-handed set of pipes that can go from full-throated metalcore scream to emo crooning at the drop of a needle, and the band kicks up enough noise to satisfy even the most dogmatic hard rock junkie.
Produced by Grammy®-nominated Johnny K (Disturbed, Plain White Ts, 3 Doors Down), the recording offers a variety of empowering and sexy rockers, spotlighting the shredding blues style of teenaged axe-slinger Chris Iorio and the propulsive, grunge-like drumming of Trevor Stafford, a veteran of Ozzfest band, Shuvel. New York bassist Derek Johnston and guitarist Keith Wallen complete the line-up, bringing a combination of Indie, Hardcore, and Classic Rock influences to the band’s distinctive sound.

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