Sunday, August 23, 2009


For those who have experienced any CIRQUE DU SOLEIL performance, they are truly a spectacle to behold. From the costumes to the often breathtaking feats, a Cirque Du Soleil production is pure magic unfolding before your very eyes.

Whether you realize it or not, the mesmerizing music featured in every production is one of the most important aspects of the performance. While you hear the music, do you actually LISTEN? Try to walk out of a CDS show without the haunting melodies creeping in and out of your head. OK, so you already know every track featured in The Beatles' LOVE, but what about the other shows like O, Zumanity, Mystere, Alegria, etc.? If you've experienced a Cirque performance, chances are you've carried that music around in your head, heart and soul ever since...

25 is a special two CD set celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Cirque Du Soleil and contains songs from most of their productions (bar Love, of course) and is the perfect souvenir to your CDS journey. The music is haunting, beautiful and stands very well on it's own. You don't even need to have experienced a live CDS performance to enjoy the songs included on this disc (but I recommend that you go to Vegas or wherever a CDS production is playing and SEE IT NOW!). This double disc also includes previously unreleased music and is an absolute aural delight.

ZAIA is one of the most recent Cirque productions and is, once again, an absolute wonder to behold, both visually and musically. By listening to the music, you are drawn into a world that is magical and exciting, but to experience the production will send you into a wondrous world where you are sent into a deep state of utter amazement.

If you can't afford the trip to a CDS production, let it come alive for you as you listen to these two amazing CDs.

Cirque Du Soleil, take me away!

Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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