Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mucho love for CLUBROOT

LoDubs, the label, sent us this information that was exciting enough to share with all of you!

From the label:

We nearly spit out our coffee when we saw the front page of Pitchfork this morning, and saw the image of the Clubroot album. We had no idea it was coming. On top of that, Cosmo Lee has written a review with a deep understanding of the album, which right along with the Big Up review written by Cristine Vaccine is about the highest praise we could ever hope for, as it is more than just accurate, it expresses viewpoints we had not even recognized ourselves. Below is the link to the Pitchfork review:

..This comes in the wake of the aforementioned Big Up Magazine review, which still has us flushed with blush. Check that here.................

Please feel free to share this information in any way you see fit. For us here at LoDubs, this has less to do with promoting our artist, and more to do with just the feeling that this is something beautiful that should be shared.

Clubroot "Talisman"

Clubroot “Low Pressure Zone”


“Serendipity Dub”

So, here it is, the first full length from our boy Clubroot. below is a link to the audio on the anthem records website:

Also, here is a link to the blog entry on the LoDubs myspace for the Aquarius Records review (which is in their list this week, at, along with the review, which features a blurb from Fenriz of Darkthrone, which has been quite a shocker for many, as Darkthrone is a really well known originator of Norwegian Black Metal, which isn't a culture particularly know for championing Dubstep music:

In addition, the Electronic Explorations mix by Clubroot is up, and it is spactacular. It has a few of the tracks which will be on the next Clubroot album, along with stuff from Synkro, Breakage, Burial, and a bunch of others, some of which is exclusive. Here is the link for that:

The mix was also linked on the front page of Fact Magazine ( I would really recommend listening to it. It really is a great listen, and in its own way, shows how Clubroot's material stands on it's own, as a originator of the sound, unlike any others, and with a scope unheard before, as touched on in the aQ review.

also, the Mary Anne Hobbs BBC1 showcase, featuring Clubroot, Boxcutter, and Jega, seems to still be generating a lot of attention around the world. Here is the link to the first part (of 3) of the youtube video for that recording:

Another place where you can hear bits of the album is Last FM, where the love for it is apparent in the comments as well:

The love for this record seems to be spreading.................

The label (and artist) can be checked out here as well:

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