Friday, September 25, 2009

RICK WAKEMAN/Six Wives... Live At Hampton Court Palace on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray! 10/13/2009

Rick Wakeman’s The Six Wives Of Henry VIII is one of the landmark albums of the '70s, a critical and commercial success that has sold in excess of 15 million copies worldwide. In May 2009, Rick Wakeman finally achieved his long held dream of performing the entire album live at Hampton Court Palace. It was the
first time the whole album had ever been performed in concert and included the Henry VIII track “Defender Of The Faith,” that had to be cut from the original album for space reasons, plus new opening and closing pieces.

The two spectacular sell out concerts were a never to be repeated event and this DVD shows why they will live long the memory of all those fortunate enough to attend.

DVD/Blu-Ray Tracklisting:
1) Tudorture / Henry’s Fanfare
2) Tudorture / “1485”
3) Catherine Of Aragon

4) Kathryn Howard
5) Jane’s Prelude
6) Jane Seymour
7) Defender Of The Faith
8) Katherine Parr
9) Anne Of Cleves
10) Anne Boleyn
11) Tudorock
Bonus Material: Behind the scenes with Rick.

CD Tracklisting:
1) Tudorture / “1485”
2) Catherine Of Aragon
3) Kathryn Howard

4) Jane Seymour
5) Defender Of The Faith
6) Katherine Parr
7) Anne Of Cleves
8) Anne Boleyn
9) Tudorock

Available on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray
October 13th, 2009

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