Friday, September 11, 2009

Saosin - In Search Of Solid Ground

Southern California quintet Saosin – which consists of Reber, bassist Chris Sorenson, drummer Alex Rodriguez, and guitarists Beau Burchell and Justin Shekoski - is one of the fastest-growing headliners in rock – earning mainstage slots on the Vans Warped Tour, selling out clubs in a flash, going out with heavyweights like AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday and garnering an ocean of fans who’ve downloaded their songs from MySpace over five million times – all before they’ve released a full-length album.The forthcoming album, which will be released in September 2009, is largely selfrecorded, produced and mixed. “We basically built up a rehearsal studio and a big drum tracking room at Hurley and got to learn what would work best in the studio,” says Sorenson.

In January 2009, Saosin began the next phase of recording, working on a handful of tracks at a studio in Malibu, CA with producer Butch Walker (Sevendust, Fall Out Boy, Pink). Once again, with the help of Hurley, they opened up the sessions to fans via a realtime, multi-camera audio/video feed. They emerged with music for three songs and vocals for five. In February they headed back to Orange County, where they produced the remaining vocal tracks at their home studio. Saosin has released two EPs, its self-titled, full-length debut and Come Close, a live CD/DVD set. They’ve toured relentlessly – and while becoming a road warrior is par for the course when you’re in a developing rock band, Saosin has taken it to the extreme.

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