Monday, November 23, 2009

BIRDS OF TOKYO/Universes: The 2nd Album AVAILABLE NOW!

So, are you looking for a little meat with your potatoes?  Perhaps some dessert as well?

Birds Of Tokyo offer up a full, tasty and robust meal for your ears (and soul) with Universes, their sophomore album. If you want modern Rock that is not only commercially pleasing but filled with substance, style and class, then Birds Of Tokyo are bound to fill you with joy!  They really should have called this album "Every Song An Anthem", because you'll be pumping your fists in the air and singing along in no time!  Hail the Birds Of Tokyo!  While the album may not be 'new', it certainly may be new to some of you who missed it first time around!

If you're thinking about heading out to a local independent record store to pick this up, then you might be able to find this fab CD at one of the stores listed here:

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