Thursday, November 5, 2009

DAVID GUETTA/The world can't get enough of One Love!

It has been said that David Guetta's One Love release is 'The Party Album of the Year'... and I certainly have to agree.  Then again, many other folks do, too!

In fact, the album (and the single "Sexy Bitch") are blowing up all across the nation.  I don't usually like to use the term 'blowing up' because it's a bit cliche, but it's a more user-friendly term than 'infesting the nation', which is what I was originally going to say!

Have you seen the video to "Sexy Bitch" yet?  If not, check it out:

Remember to catch the French DJ/Producer on tour:

Nov 18 2009      Opera          Atlanta, Georgia
Nov 19 2009      Fur              Washington DC,
Nov 20 2009      Bar Rio        Houston, Texas
Nov 21 2009      Palladium     Dallas, Texas
Nov 23 2009      Home          St Louis, Missouri
Nov 24 2009      Spin            Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nov 25 2009      Roxy           Boston, Massachusetts
Nov 26 2009      BoMa          Columbus, Ohio
Nov 27 2009      Pacha          New York, New York
Nov 28 2009      Mansion      Miami, Florida
Nov 29 2009      Vinoy          St Petersburg, Florida
Dec 1 2009        Roxy           Orlando, Florida
Dec 2 2009        Forum          Charlotte, Ohio
Dec 3 2009        Beta             Denver, Colorado

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