Thursday, December 17, 2009

BOB SEGER's Greatest Hits is decade's BEST SELLING catalog title in the U.S.!

Hollywood, California – December 16, 2009 - Bob Seger’s Greatest Hits is officially the decade’s best-selling catalog album in the U.S., it has been confirmed by Billboard and Nielsen’s music sales tracking system, SoundScan. Since its 1994 debut, Seger’s Greatest Hits has sold close to nine million copies and enjoyed an unbroken two-year streak on the Billboard Top 200 before moving to the upper reaches of Billboard’s Catalog Albums chart for 660 weeks.

Bob Seger is a Grammy Award-winning Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, with more than 50 million career-spanning album sales, as well as 11 platinum and seven multi-platinum RIAA-certified album sales awards. Seger’s Against The Wind, Night Moves, Stranger In Town, and Live Bullet have been RIAA-certified for more than five million U.S. album sales each.

There is a signature richness and power to the music that Bob Seger has been making for four decades, and as succeeding generations have discovered those qualities, his reputation as an artist and songwriter has only grown. His work represents the honest best of what rock & roll can be. It’s passionate, unpretentious, uplifting and true to itself and its audience. Perhaps most of all it is distinctly American, a plainspoken testament to the dignity, hopes and aspirations of ordinary working people. In a time as obsessed with glamour, celebrity, fame and materialism as ours, his songs remain a bracing tonic, an emblem of the belief that everyone’s life is a subject worthy of art.

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