Sunday, January 17, 2010


Though I've never been one to sit down and enjoy a Something Corporate or Jack's Mannequin album, I'm always up for learning as much as I can about all the bands that are out there (you can never know too much... and if you think you know everything, then somewhere along the line, you stop yourself from learning more!)

While I had read a bit about SC/JM leader Andrew McMahon's battle with leukemia, I didn't follow the story like I normally would have. Shame on me.

Dear Jack started out as a documentary on the recording of Andrew's first solo album away from Something Corporate. This side project would be under the monicker Jack's Mannequin.

Once the album was pretty much completed, the band went out on a short tour and it was while Andrew was on tour that he discovered he had leukemia.

So, the film became less about the Jack Mannequin project and more about Andrew's battle against this disease.  And it is an emotional rollercoaster ride that you sometimes wish would stop!  As the film progresses, it draws you into Andrew's world as he goes through spinal taps, chemo and his own personal ups and downs.  Throw in some heartbreak and you've got yourself a documentary that is both harrowing and, by the end, heart-warming.

Throw in live footage, tender moments with the love of his life, interviews with family and friends and you've got a documentary that is worth more than a few views.

Dear Jack is not just about Andrew McMahon and leukemia: it is also about the strength of the human spirit and the power of love.  Throw this one on your must-see list.

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Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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