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SPAZ picks 20 tasty tunes from 2009! PART TWO



So, 2010 is already here.... and I still wasn't finished with 2009!  Damn, how time flies!

I heard hundreds and hundreds of songs this year, many of which I totally dug.  Then again, there are many that I promptly forgot about and will probably rediscover some time in the future.

But for now, I wanted to share 20 of the finest tunes that I heard this year. And it's safe to say that, unless I've made you a mixtape CD-R, you probably haven't heard them! So, if you like being introduced to new stuff, this is the place to hear it!  And there is quite a variety of songs to choose from so give a listen to as many as you can handle!

There's even a handful of Hard Rock/AOR tracks here! In the end, regardless of genre, a good tune is a good tune! 

Apart from the first track, the others are listed randomly and I love them all equally... just like a cuddly litter of little kitties!

The first 10 were posted yesterday. You can access that list HERE.

Here are the next 10!

11). THE NITS/"Hours"
I've been a fan of this Dutch band for 30 years and they never fail to surprise.  Every album is just a tad bit different from the previous one and each of them have more than their fair share of great tracks!  After all these years, I'm quite surprised that they don't have a bigger following outside of Europe!  Their 2009 album, Strawberry Wood, is certainly one of the best albums of the year!

12). PET SHOP BOYS/"Love Etc."
Well, this duo keeps putting out great singles, no matter what the musical climate is!  Grunge, Punk/Pop, R&B, Alternative and Metal haven't killed their spirit and, on their album Yes, they've released some of their best tunes ever! This is one that refuses to leave my head (not that I want it to).

13). PLACE VENDOME/"My Guaradian Angel"
Another slice of melodic AOR that I fell in love with on the first listen. Place Vendome is a studio band featuring the vocals of former Helloween frontman Michael Kiske. This track is taken from their 2009 album Streets Of Fire. This is not quite a power ballad, but it will certainly have you reaching for your Bic lighters!

14). DEPECHE MODE/"Fragile Tension"
To be honest, I wanted to put the song "Peace" here, but changed my mind at the last moment.  Practically ANY song from Sounds Of The Universe is worthy of a spot on this list, but I can only choose one.  Depeche Mode are still tops after three decades!

15). COLA JET SET/"El Sueno De Mi Vida"
Since I don't speak Spanish, I have no clue what they are singing about, but whatever it is, it sounds wonderful!  The album Guitarras Y Tambores is filled with gems as delightful as this so don't let the language barrier keep you from digging the sound of Cola Jet Set!  Let your heart decide (and your heart LOVES them!). And how can you possibly NOT swoon for a vocalist as cute and bubbly as that!

16). TIM FINN/"Out Of This World"
OK, so I'm kinda cheating a bit here.  "Out Of This World" was released on Tim's album The Conversation at the tail end of 2008 (and it was my fave album of that year, too!) but since it is included on his 2009 two CD Anthology: North South East West, I've decided to include it on this list!  Tim is my 2nd favorite vocalist of all time (second only to Elvis Presley) and he has continued to write some amazing tunes...

17). FITNESS FOREVER/"Probilmente"
Another band that sounds so fantastic even though I can't understand a single word their singing! This is such an uplifting slice of Pop pie that I want to share with everyone! Their entire album, Personal Train, is a must have if you want to bring a little sunshine into your life!

18). TINTED WINDOWS/"Without Love"
Yes, that is James Iha from Smashing Pumpkins on guitar! Yes, that is Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick on drums! Yes, that is Adam Schlesinger from Fountains Of Wayne on bass!. And, YES, that  is that Taylor Hanson kid on vocals! And, yes, Tinted Windows was definitely the best Power Pop album of 2009!

19). WILD LIGHT/"California On My Mind"
One of the few albums that actually surprised me this year.  I didn't have any preconceived notion of what they would sound like, but I think I was expecting more of that cookie cutter Punk/Pop Emo crap.  What I heard was a band with intelligently written songs with great tunes!  Their album Adult Nights comes highly recommended by yours truly!

20). SPANDAU BALLET/"Once More"
While "Once More" may not sound remotely '80s or New Wave, it's nice to see the five original members back together for the first time in 19 years!  This is one of two new songs featured on the Once More album, which also contains acoustic re-workings of their greatest hits. Welcome back, boys!

And that's the end of my '20 Tasty Tunes From 2009' list... or is it?

Stay tuned for '20 Tasty Tunes From 2009: The Bonus Tracks'...
Coming Soon!

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