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Take Us Alive
Live DVD and CD recorded August 8th, 2009 Boston, MA

Gary Cherone (Lead Vocals)
Nuno Bettencourt (Guitar)
Pat Badger (Bass)
Kevin Figueiredo (Drums)

In the 90’s Extreme relentlessly toured the world bringing their own brand of funked-up rock to legions of adoring fans. In, 2008, following a 13 year hiatus, the band returned to the stage for their ‘Take Us Alive’ world tour, which encompassed 75 cities and multiple continents in support of their new and groundbreaking record, Saudades de Rock. Recorded on the last night of their tour, this performance captures Extreme at the peak of their game with a renewed enthusiasm led by Gary Cherone’s spellbinding stage performance and powerful vocals, Nuno Bettencourt’s ferocious guitar, Pat Badger’s flawless bass and Kevin Figueiredo’s pounding drums as well as their trademark, spot on, back up vocals.
If there is one word to best describe what Extreme is like live, it would be PERFORMANCE. To hear an Extreme record and to see an Extreme concert has always been 2 different experiences until now! Nuno Bettencourt’s guitar work is electrifying and to hear some of the earlier material with this live treatment will certainly excite fans both and old and new. On a visual level, the energy of the band is unrelenting, led by frontman Gary Cherone’s command of the stage.
The Take Us Alive concert DVD and audio CD, was recorded at the House of Blues August 8th 2009 in Extreme’s hometown of Boston, MA.  “We wanted to do something really special for our hometown fans that were there for us since the beginning… the club days,” states Nuno.  “It was the last night of the tour and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by bringing it back to where it all started… Boston.”
The concert showcases material from the majestic new album as well as classics from discs like 1990’s multi-platinum, Pornograffitti, 1992’s critically acclaimed III Sides to Every Story, a surprise medley from Extreme’ debut record and the mood-setting “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” off of 1995’s Waiting For the Punchline.”
There are beautiful moments on the DVD/CD, like on the piano-steered, atmospheric “Ghost,” which exhibits Extreme’s broad stylistic abilities. As well as multiple passionate audience participations like on their #1 hit “More Than Words” and the top 5 “Hole Hearted.” The crowd’s enthusiasm highlights the loyal support their fan base has had for this beloved foursome.
There is a blistering rendition of the Zeppelin-minded “Comfortably Dumb” the scorching “Play with Me” and the funked-up “Cupid’s Dead.” Other highlights include the anthemic “Get The Funk Out” as well as the crowd favorite “Decadence Dance”.  Equally hypnotic and undeniably great, “Take Us Alive” incorporates a thumping country blues approach with Gary’s exceptional vocal performance and Nuno’s breathtaking guitar picking.
“As much as we enjoy recording, for me, I’ve always loved playing live for the fans,” Cherone says. “We couldn’t wait to get out there and play for our fans.”
Nuno explains. “Recording Saudades (de Rock) was a great experience but we were really looking forward to getting out on tour, putting on a show. That’s really where the band shines. This DVD/CD is a culmination of all the years we played together and the chemistry the four of us put out live.”
The DVD will contain 4 unreleased bonus videos from their latest record Saudades de Rock. Videos include the songs “King of the Ladies”, “Interface”, “Run” and “Ghost.” The videos were produced by Nuno Bettencourt.

Track Listing

Decadence Dance
Comfortably Dumb
Rest in Peace
It ('s a Monster)
Tell me Something I Don’t Know
Medley - Kid Ego - Little Girls -Teachers Pet
Play With Me
Midnight Express
More Than Words
Cupid’s Dead
Take us Alive
Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee
Get the Funk Out
Am I Ever Gonna Change
Hole Hearted 

Bonus Music Videos
King of the Ladies

About Extreme:

To date, the Grammy-nominated EXTREME have released five albums, plus a greatest hits set—selling over 10 million records worldwide. They also achieved a #1 hit single, “More Than Words”—from their 1990 multi-platinum album Extreme II: Pornograffitti—on the Billboard Hot 100, which they followed with the Top Five “Hole Hearted.”  Although these two acoustic hits brought the band great mainstream success, the band’s trademark sound has always been more a mix of hard rock funk—fueled by guitar virtuoso Nuno Bettencourt’s signature style, Gary Cherone’s resonant vocals and socially conscious lyrics, Pat Badger’s rock solid bass, and the hard hitting Kevin Figueiredo on drums.
 Extreme has recently been introduced to an entire new generation of fans with the inclusion of their song “Play With Me” in the popular video game Guitar Hero as well as “More Than Words” featured in hit movies Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Love Guru.

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