Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SPAZ reviews EASTON CORBIN's new album!

Dear Diary,

You know how I have a hard time talking about AOR and Melodic Rock to my Punk friends? 

And you know how it's very difficult for my New Wave friends to understand my love of Neil Diamond, The Carpenters and Glen Campbell? 

And you know how it hurts that NOBODY I know understands my love of House/Dance/Europop!

And you especially know how terrible all the guys treat me at work because of my musical tastes, right? 

Well, I think I'm really in trouble now, diary, because I absolutely LOVE the self-titled album from Country newcomer Easton Corbin! Just how am I going to explain this?

I haven't quite enjoyed anything Country-wise since the glory days of Charlie Rich. Heck, I didn't even care for Kenny Rogers in his glory days.  But yes, diary, I do realize that Kenny more Country/Pop crossover and doesn't really count.  
And, dearest diary, you know how much I hated all that achy-breaky-boot-scootin'-badonkadonk crap that filled the airwaves over the last coupla decades!

Well, I must admit that there were a few bright spots, too: Garth Brooks' "Friends In Low Places", Reba's "You Lied" and a few other songs that caught my ear, including some George Strait classics, but most of it left me cold...

So, why does my heart beat a little faster when I hear "I'm A Little More Country Than That"? I mean, I actually love that track and don't mind the twang in Easton's voice (you know how that twang drives me nuts...usually).  

And why did most of the album have to be just as good?

Why on earth would some young Country upstart actually make me hit the REPEAT button instead of EJECT?  

Yeah, I know.  He's a talented little guppy. And he's put out a solid album that recalls classic George Strait with some Keith Whitley and Jimmy Buffet thrown in for good measure. 

Other songs I really like are "I Can't Love You Back", "Don't Ask Me About A Woman", and "The Way Love Looks", but the album is pretty damn solid all the way through.

So, diary, am I sick?  Or is this really that good of an album?  I'll have to settle on the latter cuz I'm feeling pretty damn great right now!

I'll write more later, diary.  Thanks for listening!

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