Wednesday, June 9, 2010

KATZENJAMMER/Le Pop: Available June 29th, 2010!

Katzenjammer bring their musical mayhem to N. America on June 29 with the release of their debut album Le Pop. The all-female Norwegian quartet first stormed the States with their circus of a live show in Austin at SXSW last year, where they commanded the attention of industry types and music lovers alike with their raucous set consisting of the
rotation of up to 29 instruments on which the women are self-taught.

Katzenjammer also caught the attention of David Byrne, who invited them to play his artist-curated stage at 2009’s Bonnaroo, alongside Santigold, the Dirty Projectors and Dave Byrne and Brian Eno. They ended their US run with a stop by Summerfest where they opened for Elvis Costello.

One Norwegian reviewer described the ladies as ”a mix between Eastern European folk music, B-52s, the sisters Kate & Anna McGarrigle, seasick bluegrass, country blues and a carnival orchestra on the run.”

Four ladies who thrash banjos, pluck fiddles, and bang marching drums, garbage cans,and cookie jars (!) like Appalachian witches drunk on White Lightning.”

They came on like a Norwegian version of the B-52’s, pounding a beat and chirping random phrases in unison...There was no telling what they’d do next, except that it was sure to be deft and charming.” 
 New York Times

They can bring a house down with a rousing set... and their musical chops are undeniable.”

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