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DOLLAR: The remastered reissues available NOW on CHERRY POP!

The Reissues

Available NOW
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British Pop duo Dollar may not have had anything released in the U.S. during their hit years (1979-1982), but import copies found their way across the sea and the duo certainly had enough supporters in America.  But their biggest success was in the UK and Europe, where vocalist David Van Day remains a tabloid staple (but only because he tends to be an arrogant arse and not because of his musical legacy). In 2006, there was a Dollar collection containing their hit WEA recordings but the original albums remained long out of print... until Cherry Pop stepped in.

Now, The Paris Collection (1980) and The Dollar Album (1982) have been digitally remastered and expanded with bonus tracks.  I recently reviewed the titles for All Music Guide and I've shared them with you below along with some videos and links!

"Fresh from their success of their 1979 debut album, Shooting Stars, and three hit singles, British duo David Van Day And Thereza Bazar (collectively known as Dollar) signed with Warner Brothers in the UK and began putting together an album that would build upon their past triumphs.  The Paris Collection emerged in 1980 and, while not the huge success they many had expected, the album was still a delightful platter of sweet ear candy that was aimed straight at the charts.  While the album’s title may lead one to believe that it’s a collection of French songs, the Paris in the title refers to where the album was recorded.
And like their debut, The Paris Collection is chock full of catchy, innocent ‘80s Pop, not unlike the more successful Bucks Fizz.  And while many believe that frothy Pop will not change the world, it sure does make it a better place to live in.  Songs like “Radio’, “The Girls Are Out To Get Ya”, “Love At First Sight” and “Ebony” are bouncy slices of audio fun. “Takin’ A Chance On You” is a mid-tempo nugget that has a recurring catchy little keyboard riff that sneaks its way into your brain and stays rooted for weeks on end.
While both Van Day and Bazar take lead vocal turns, it’s David’s voice that stands out on the recordings.  Not once do you ever think that he’s ‘feeling’ the song, but he is far more confident in the vocal department.  Bazar never disappoints, but she often sounds as if she’s holding back as a lead vocalist.  When she handles the choruses and harmony vocals, she’s the perfect foil to Van Day’s cockiness.
The Cherry Red reissue features a few rare gems including some solo David Van Day recordings (“Ringing The Bell” was penned by Wang Chung).  While the albums that sandwiched this release were more successful, The Paris Collection remains a treat for those who like their pop lightweight, bubbly and melodic."-Stephen SPAZ Schnee/ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"With a successful debut album, Shooting Stars, in 1979 and a generally overlooked sophomore release, The Paris Collection, the following year, the UK duo Dollar (David Van Day and Thereza Bazar) knew it was make or break time on their third full length platter.  One of the best moves they made was bringing in former Buggles member Trevor Horn to produce a few tracks for them. Those tracks (“Hand Held In Black And White”, ‘Give Me Back My Heart”, ‘Videotheque” and the enormously popular “Mirror Mirror (Mon Amor)”) were some of Dollar’s most successful singles and brought the duo more success then their previous albums, and rightly so.  With wonderful melodies that caught the listener on first spin, the combination of Horn and Dollar was a match made in heaven.
When The Dollar Album hit shelves in 1982, the string of hits had helped to build their fanbase and the album was a Top 20 success. The band’s sound drifted closer to Synth Pop than ever before, which really enhanced the vocal interplay between Bazar and Van Day. Thereza’s breathy vocals were as light and airy as they lush keyboards that carried the melody straight into the heavens. Van Day still sounds as confident as ever and this time out, he sounds like he’s actually connecting to the material he’s singing.
Apart from the Horn-produced tracks, the rest of The Dollar Album is packed with tasty pop nuggets that may not be single material, but are far from album filler. “I Got Your Number Wrong”, “Guessing Games” and “Give Me Some Kinda Magic” are certainly worthy of repeated spins, but then again, so is the whole album.
The Cherry Pop reissue includes a handful of alternate mixes that may not intrigue casual listeners but are certainly enticing for the long-time fans.  As a side note, it was Trevor Horn’s production work on this album that directly paved the way for his very successful career as producer over the next three decades."-Stephen SPAZ Schnee/ALL MUSIC GUIDE 

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