Monday, December 20, 2010


Hello, kids!

CHRISTMAS is almost here!  My elves are busy building toys, reading your e-mails and keeping busy.  A few of them spend far too much time on Facebook these days, but we're still on schedule so I won't complain.

Have you written out your Christmas wish list yet?  No?  Well, you better get busy.  There's only a little time left before I load my sleigh up with gifts and make my journey around the world on Christmas night! 

If you are having a hard time deciding what you want, may I suggest this?

First things first: there was more to Bow Wow Wow than "I Want Candy"!  Did you know that the male members of the band were originally early members of Adam & The Ants?  Did you know that former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren was their original manager?  Did you know that they released oodles of great music besides "I Want Candy"? Well, while this double CD set doesn't take in all of their recordings, it does include their finest longplayer, See Jungle..... plus a bonus CD containing 10 additional tracks from the same period (including "I Want Candy").  While the band's releases can be quite confusing (import and U.S.  releases were often very different and/or exclusive to their respective countries), I must say that this fine release rectifies this period in their career (1981-82) and offers up 23 delicious slices of burundi-influenced New Wave Pop/Rock. The quartet did make another fine album after this, but I have to admit that THIS is the Bow Wow Wow CD you need. 

I must get going now.  Mrs. Claus needs some help in eating those delicicious white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies and I don't want to miss out!  They are fresh out of the oven, you know! Yum Yum!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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