Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hello, kids!

CHRISTMAS is almost here!  My elves are busy building toys, reading your e-mails and keeping busy.  A few of them spend far too much time on Facebook these days, but we're still on schedule so I won't complain.

Have you written out your Christmas wish list yet?  No?  Well, you better get busy.  There's only a little time left before I load my sleigh up with gifts and make my journey around the world on Christmas night! 

If you are having a hard time deciding what you want, may I suggest this?

Some people are quite surprised by the fact that yours truly is a huge Punk Rock fan.  But you have to remember that I'm the one who gave Johnny Rotten his first lump of coal and altered the direction of music all those years ago (when I knew him as little Johnny Lydon).  But anway, I've handed out plenty of Punk Rock albums over the  past three decades and this year, stockings with be stuffed with Smart Accessories, the latest platter from The Cute Lepers.  When The Briefs decided to take a break, Steve E. Nix and Stevie Kicks formed this outfit, who sound pretty much the Briefs!  And that is OK by me.  How can you go wrong with a band that mixes the melodic edge of classic Punk Rock (the Damned, Buzzcocks, The Clash, etc) with a modern edge.  And thankfully, they still sound unique and NOTHING like the so-called Punk that all the kids have been buying over the last decade (Blink 182, Green Day and their spawn are about as Punk Rock as Punky Brewster).  So, kiddies, listen and see how it's done!

I must get going now.  Mrs. Claus needs some help in eating those delicicious gingerbread reindeer and I don't want to miss out!  They are fresh out of the oven, you know! Yum Yum!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

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