Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SECRET AFFAIR/Mod Singles Collection: Available NOW!

     "The Mod scene in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s was and exciting movement in the UK.  Spearheaded by The Jam, the scene may not have lasted as long as it should have, but it left behind some amazing music.  From Squire and The Lambrettas to The Chords and Purple Hearts, the Mods played short and sweet guitar pop laced with hook-laden melodies and plenty of attitude.  One of the most consistent bands on the scene was Secret Affair.  Although they only recorded three albums during their brief time together, that was one or two more albums than most of their contemporaries.  And 30 years on, those albums still stand up today. Their singles, all of which are collected here, are some of the best Pop singles of the era and are still as exciting as the day they were released. 
     From “Time For Action” to “Lost In The Night (Mack The Knife)”, Secret Affair’s string of singles didn’t follow The Jam’s Who/Kinks influenced formula like many of the bands of the era. Instead, songwriters Ian Page and Dave Cairns created epic pop tunes that mixed edgy guitars with soaring melodies, Motown beats and plenty of self-confidence.  Their style was wholly unique and it’s difficult to detect a single influence in their sound: Secret Affair sounded like Secret Affair and no one else.  Every A-side they released remains a classic, although worthy of owning, their B-sides were not always as gratifying. 
     The Mod Singles Collection not only features their six singles (A’s and B’s), but also U.S. mixes of three of the singles (“My World” remains their finest moment, both in the original and U.S. mix), four tracks by Page and Cairns’ pre-Secret Affair band New Hearts and two songs recorded by the reunited Secret Affair. If you are a fan of the band, then this is an excellent addition to your collection.  For casual listeners, it’s a great reminder of the band’s sheer Pop genius. And for those who are intrigued, start here but you should also buy Captain Mod’s reissues of the band’s three albums.  That’s the only way to paint a complete picture of this under-rated band."-Stephen SPAZ Schnee/All Music Guide 

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