Wednesday, March 30, 2011



My favorite Record Store was Record and Tape Collectors in Baltimore Maryland.

I remember buying a 45 by Herman's Hermits, which must have been my very first purchase.

Nothing ever had a street there was a reason to go back almost every day to see what was new.
The conversation went like this. “Do you have the new Grateful Dead Record?” ..”N,o come back tomorrow
and we might have it”. Sure enough, I would go back every day until one showed up.

The coolest people worked at that store and most of them were musicians. Two of them were stand out players:
Jamie Hopkins, who played bass, and Steuart Smith, who played guitar better then anyone we knew. Steuart Smith went on to big things and wound up playing with Rosanne Cash, Rodney Crowell and The Eagles.

There were some folks there who stayed in the music business for years after the store closed: Wayne Steinberg, who worked for Handleman Company, and the late Carl Locke who worked at Largo Music and then at Softland.

They played almost nothing but Jazz on the sound system..and I think they really did sell a lot of it, but none of my
friends ever bought any Jazz records there... it was all Rock or Soul.

I miss that place and whenever I go back to Baltimore, I make a point of driving by the little strip center on Cold Spring Lane where it was. 

Pip Smith

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