Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ERIN BARRA/Illusions: Avilable September 6th, 2011!

Introducing Ms. Erin Barra, a Salt Lake City native and Berklee grad whose talent, beauty, smarts, intense drive and determination is creating an industry buzz that isn’t going away. In fact, it’s just getting louder…
Erin’s prolific, emotive songwriting displays maturity far beyond her years; her sophisticated compositions and productions innovatively blur Pop, Soul, Funk, Electronic, Rock and Urban genres. Live, accompanied by guitar & drums, Erin is given rein to display an extraordinary, multi–instrumental and technological talent that never fails to wow audiences. Her shock of red hair and piercing green–eyes match a fiery yet empathetic personality that draws–in and connects with audiences, immediately converting them into lifelong fans. Want to join the Digital Soul Revolution?


The Album
Chosen for Billboard Magazine Fall Preview!

“This young newcomer has everything needed for breakthrough success — a soulful sound, energetic stage presence, thoughtful lyrics and an intangible star quality.”— THE WASHINGTON POST

“Backseat Idol” — NY Magazine

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