Thursday, July 26, 2012

ELLE VARNER/Perfectly Imperfect: Available August 7th, 2012!

Elle Varner, a 22 year old Brooklyn resident hailing from Los Angeles, spent most of her childhood in green rooms and witness her parents' battle to make their mark in the music industry. While music runs through her veins, her ear for harmony, melody and complex rhythm was nurtured after attending Amazing Grace Conservatory in Los Angeles. Elle continued on her destined path and went on to graduate from NYU's esteemed Clive Davis Program of Recorded Music, where she was named the "Most Likely to Get Signed" and "Most Likely to Win a Grammy". A few years later Elle was signed to an album deal with MBK Entertainment/J Records (home of Alicia Keys). Elle was one of the first artists featured in the BET Music Matters campaign and performed on the BET Awards 2010, the highest rated and most watched Awards show on all of cable TV. Elle's unparallel sound is a combination of R&B funk and meticulous rhythm with an added quirkiness as showcased throughout her debut album

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