Thursday, September 6, 2012

YOUNGBLOOD HAWKE/Self-Titled EP: Available September 18th, 2012




2012 debut EP from the Los Angeles indie outfit. Over the course of the EP’s five tracks, they explore a myriad of emotions with infectious and invigorating charisma from the pensive and poetic 'Rootless'. Then there’s 'Forever', a longtime staple of the band’s live set and crowd pleaser, it’s another energetic and enthralling track emblematic of the band’s fire. Youngblood Hawke came to life after multi-instrumentalist Simon Katz and singer Sam Martin’s previous project, Iglu & Hartley, disbanded. Despite facing the odds, the duo forged on, penning countless songs and eventually booking gigs around Los Angeles with a full lineup. After multiple sold out shows at various hotspots in town, the group inked a deal with Republic Records in late 2011.

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