Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BMX BANDITS/BMX Bandits In Space: Available November 27th, 2012!

The sixteenth release from Duglas T Stewart’s group comes surrounded by lots of big news.

The first big news is that this new album includes the return of two of BMX Bandits' original members, neither of whom have worked with the group since its beginnings, sometime around 1985. Jim McCulloch (Snowgoose, The Soup Dragons) is not only back in the line-up but also participated intensely in the song-writing process for many of the tracks, and Sean Dickson (The Soup Dragons) wrote the album’s opening and closing tracks.

Second, another regular collaborator who has returned to the fold is the ubiquitous Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), who plays several instruments and coproduces the captivating “Still”. Finally, what we have here is a kind of space-pop-opera - one of the best records from one of the most charismatic characters in the history of indie pop.

“BMX Bandits in Space” tells the story of a man travelling through time and space in search of forgiveness and a way back home. Throughout the trip there are small flashes – some are memories and some are figments of his imagination. “Every song, every flash of music is like a piece of a puzzle that helps our hero discover how he wound up lost and wandering infinitely around in space, and what his particular idea of love was.”

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