Friday, November 9, 2012

SOUNDMONSTERS/Winner Of The Year: New Electro-Rock from Berlin Trio!

2012 album from the Indie/Electro trio from Berlin. Anyone expecting an album structured from start to finish with "a little electro" and "a little indie" should dismiss the idea after the second song and open up to the Soundmonsters' complex and beautifully woven world of sound. Having heard Winner of the Year for the first time completely, you are probably sitting there with a large, smiling, flashing exclamation mark in your head. Because you quickly discover that you only rarely find such an album that is so complex in its individual songs.For all its complexity, Winner Of The Year never loses the big picture. On the contrary, it tells how we are constantly torn back and forth between love and hate, order and chaos, losing and finding. In its own way it manages to unify all the different tones and impressions of the world and make them more rounded, than they would have been

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