Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012: R.I.P.-Hello, 2013!


We waited all year and now it is merely a memory.  Hopefully, Christmas 2012 was a good one for you, whether you celebrate it or not.  During the holiday season, people are more generous and businesses thrive. We all take something positive away from the experience of the yuletide season...

But alas, we have to wait another 364 days for Christmas to come around again.  

What to do?

Well, if you are a fan of entertainment, keep on purchasing product from your favorite retailer or e-tailer, whether they are an independent or big box store.  I obviously support the independent business, but I'm a bigger fan of people who support the entire entertainment industry by buying whatever music or movies suit their fancy.  

The more we BUY, the better.  

My favorite record store EVER: Amoeba Music, L.A.

Its not only a way to own your favorite CD or DVD, it also puts money back into the machine and allows the stores to thrive another day and gives the labels the much-needed ability to sign new artists and support their existing roster of talent. Regardless of how you feel about the artists currently topping the charts (and trust me, I loathe almost all of it), I also realize that the more successes a label (indie or major) has, the more chances they'll be willing to take when signing new artists (or older ones) that might create music that actually moves YOU.  Its an investment into your future happiness.  

Continue to buy music and movies for yourself and your loved ones. For your birthday or any gift-giving holiday in 2013, ask for a particular CD or DVD... or even a gift card so you can pick it out yourself.  

Remember that old music industry motto from a few decades ago?  "Give The Gift Of Music".  It still exists and is screaming louder than ever.  We are all hurting as the economy slowly recovers but the joy that music or movies brings to you is worth setting a few dollars aside, is't it?  Why buy that 12 pack of Coors Light when you can use that money to buy Abbey Road on CD?  It's a better investment and won't be gone in a few hours like the brewski that you are chugging...

Peace, love and bonus tracks, 
Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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