Sunday, March 17, 2013

RECORD STORE DAY: 10 (More) Albums That Changed My Life, Pt. 2

10 (More) Albums That Changed My Life
Pt. Two

By Stephen SPAZ Schnee

     A lot of people wonder how an album can 'change my life'.  If you even pause for a moment to ponder that statement or scratch your head at the pretentiousness of it all, then you may not have experienced a life-changing experience by listening to music.  Many people don't unfortunately... especially in this day and age when music is easily downloadable in bits and pieces.  In my opinion, the download generation treats music as disposable: click, listen, move on...
   As for me and how music has changed my life... well, it has to do with the 'connection' between any given album and myself.  Whether I was sad after a break-up or happy because good things were happening around me, that is what dictates the 'connection' that I have with an album. What were my emotions like?  How did the album make me feel?  Could I relate to the lyrics... or maybe the atmosphere or chord changes?  There are so many factors that go into the whole 'experience'.
     Once I connected to an album, then it allowed me to see, hear and feel things differently.  The songs gave me a majestic feeling of hope... they touched a nerve.  The albums that I say 'changed my life' are ones that mean a whole lot to me because they enriched my life.  On some, I could totally relate to the lyrics while others gave me a chance to view something differently.  Some taught me while others rocked me.  In any case, they made my life BETTER because they existed.  Looking back at them now, I can't imagine going through life and not ever hearing them.
     Here are 10 albums that never fail to take me back to a certain period in my life.  They may not have sold millions of copies but they had an enormous impact on me. And they are albums I will cherish until my dying day….
     I’ve listed them in alphabetical order by band because, to be honest, I can never say that one of them had more of an impact on me than the other.  They are all equally important. And I've refrained from explaining WHY they mean so much to me.  Those reasons are ones that only I would understand... (and I'm sure that your choices are made based on similar situations and circumstances).

BADFINGER/Wish You Were Here

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