Tuesday, April 2, 2013

RECORD STORE DAY: 10 (More) Albums That Changed My Life, Part Three

10 (More) Albums That Changed My Life
Part Three

By Stephen SPAZ Schnee

     Music strikes a chord in me... pun only partially intended. No matter what my mood is, music is such an important part of my day to day activities.  From work to play and back again, music is always playing somewhere around me.  I can't escape it and I would not even try.  I don't care if it's something I love or despise, my day to day listening experience only enhances my knowledge and understanding of this truly amazing art form.
     Some of my favorite people erroneously say that I 'know everything' about music.  While I am humbled by that assertion, I don't believe that at all... because I am constantly learning something new with everything that is being played around me. I might hear something new in a song that I missed before, I might hear something that I know I never want to hear again and I might hear something that I can't live without.  But the important thing is that I'm listening, searching and being moved by the music  I will never 'know everything' because, once I think that I know it all, I will stop learning... and I certainly don't ever want that to happen!
     The albums that changed my life may not be the best albums in the respective bands' catalog, but they are albums that reached deep inside me and stayed there.  Whether I heard them being played in a record shop or read about them somewhere, I discovered these albums when they were first released and I've held them close ever since.  The albums listed here are no less important than the ones in my previous lists.  I've just decided to break the lists up to make it easier for readers to take them in and, hopefully, check them out.
     Here are 10 albums that never fail to take me back to a certain period in my life. They may not have sold millions of copies but they had an enormous impact on me. And they are albums I will cherish until my dying day….
     I’ve listed them in alphabetical order by band because, to be honest, I can never say that one of them had more of an impact on me than the other. They are all equally important. And I've refrained from explaining WHY they mean so much to me. Those reasons are ones that only I would understand... (and I'm sure that your choices are made based on similar situations and circumstances).

BUZZCOCKS/Singles Going Steady

FINGERPRINTZ/Distinguishing Marks

THE LAMBRETTAS/Beat Boys In The Jet Age

NICK LOWE/Pure Pop For Now People (AKA Jesus Of Cool)

(This is an alternate version of the song that appears on the album)


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