Thursday, April 11, 2013

THE FALL/Re-Mit: Brand new album available May 13th, 2013!




REJOICE! The legendary Manchester band fronted by MARK E. SMITH move the release date of their new platter forward to May 13th!  

 Following their Record Store Day single release (all sold out!), The Fall release their new album - and second for Cherry Red - on May 13th.

  A natural progression from “Ersatz GB”, “Re-Mit” is awash in bass and drum lead grooves, off kilter modern psyk and tense guitar pop, and features some of Mark E Smith's most arresting deliveries to date. The line-up remains the same as “Ersatz GB”, which performed very well worldwide and the band will be heading out on a full UK tour to promote the album throughout the month.

   The set contains 'Sir William Wray' and 'Hittite Man', which featured in different guises on the very popular Record Store Day single.

 Will be supported throughout the international music press, in print, online and on radio.

 A second single from the album to follow.

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