Monday, February 3, 2014

JIM OBLON/Sunset: Available March 25, 2014!




“Unlike so many hot players onstage every Tuesday night in East Nashville, Jim
Oblon understands restraint is as much the realm of passion as stinging notes that
fall like shrapnel.” —Nashville Arts Magazine

Jim Oblon is one of those rare talents—a jaw dropping guitarist, soulful singer and
compelling writer. Not to mention the fact that his regular gig is playing drums for the
Paul Simon band. All of these talents come to bear on his new release Sunset. The
album showcases Oblon’s virtuosic Telecaster-driven blues and vocals accompanied by legendary session drummer Jim Keltner and renowned GRAMMY-winning organist/pianist Larry Goldings in a neoclassic organ trio setting.

Oblon, always a believer in the bigger musical picture, aims to expound upon the legacy of his forbearers without ever becoming an impersonator himself. “Today’s there’s a ‘blues scene’ with Brylcreem and bowling shirts, all the gear, but it doesn’t have the essence of music,” Oblon explains. “I wanted to honor the people who came before me. Maybe I can add a few of my own things, but I want to not lose what was.”

Oblon has gained national attention as guitarist, drummer, and vocalist in Paul Simon’s band as well as for his contributions on bass, drums and guitar to Simon’s latest album So Beautiful or So What. In 2011, Oblon released a Jim Morrison-esque recording of the traditional song “Where Did You Sleep Last Night,” which was featured in last season’s finale of HBO’s hugely popular vampire drama True Blood. He now lives in Nashville where he’s a fast rising guitarist on the session scene and where his Tuesday night residency at fooBAR in East Nashville is fast becoming the buzz event of the week among musicians and those in the know.

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