Thursday, August 14, 2014

An EXCLUSIVE Q&A with Jenni JWOWW Farley!

DISCUSSIONS MAGAZINE: When did you first realize you wanted to be in entertainment?
JENNI “JWOWW” FARLEY (Executive Producer of Jersey Shore Massacre): No idea. I went on Jersey Shore because I thought it would help my graphic design company and club promotions… never knowing it would take me this far.  And now my passion is producing. 

DM: Who is your biggest film star idol?
JWOWW: Angelina Jolie!  I've been in love with her since I can remember.  She is an amazing actress. She had a crazy weird stage in her life that I can relate to. 

DM: What has been the hardest part and the most fun part of your career path up to this point?
JWOWW:  Hardest part is definitely not knowing what's next.  Some days, I wish I had a stable 9-5 job that gives me job security and a 401k.  But then I laugh and realize I would be fired within a week and know my passion is TV. The fun part is everything! I love every aspect of my job! It's awesome to be on camera and to be behind the scenes. I love creating TV and I love making people laugh. 
DM: Of all the people you’ve worked with – who was easiest on the eyes?
JWOWW: When I was filming The Three Stooges, I almost fainted when I met Sean Hayes. That was a ‘shit your pants’ moment for me! He was on my favorite show of all time growing up! Haha! (Will And Grace... Duh!). But easy on the eyes was probably the men on One Life To Live that I worked with. All men have to be hot on a soap opera. LOL.

DM:  How’d you end up turning this into a horror film?
JWOWW:  I love comedy and I love horror so we made sure there was a balance in this movie. I love to be able to laugh throughout the movie and it reminds me so much of Jersey Shore but then all of a sudden something happens which makes you jump and scream and watch the movie with one eye open (or is that only me?).
DM:  How’s it feel to be one of GQ’s sexiest 100 ladies of the 21st Century?
JWOWW:  I screamed in my hotel room when I got the news!  Even today, being 9 months pregnant and I'm like, “Dayummmm I was hot at one point in my life.”  I try and remind myself of this because I can't see my feet. Haha!

DM:  Are you still super tight with Snooki, Pauly D, and The Situation?
JWOWW:  I talk to Nicole every single day! I also speak to Ron, Sam, and Deena weekly! Vinny and Pauly, I keep in touch with every so often but haven't heard from Mike in a while... 

DM:  What is the number one thing you want the world to know about this film – Jersey Shore Massacre?
JWOWW:  We broke records for a reason when Jersey Shore came out and I want all those fans to know this movie won't disappoint.  This movie will make you laugh so hard you cry and freak out during a horror scene. I want the fans of Jersey Shore to be able to see Jersey Shore Massacre and remember all the reasons why they fell in love with the show and now have a movie to love just as much!

DM:  What’s in your pocket right now?
JWOWW:  Popcorn from the movie theater. Haha! I get that shit everywhere.

DM:  Give us one item, not yet accomplished on your bucket list?
JWOWW:  Selling a TV show.  I'm really close but I want it sold and breaking TV records!

DM:  When did you last say “I Love You”? …and to whom?
JWOWW:  Today when my mother called.  

DM:  What’s on your turntable, iPod or in your car right now?
JWOWW:  OMG! I'm the worst with music. I haven't updated my iPod since 2010!




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