Thursday, December 11, 2014

Congratulations to LIGHT IN THE ATTIC for TWO entries on Rolling Stone's 40 Best Country Albums List!

Light In The Attic (LITA)
 is a label that doesn't deal with eccentricity - they focus on authenticity. No matter the genre, LITA's catalog is filled with albums that are never sugar-coated slices of frivolous nonsense - their releases are titles that are filled honest and pure musical expressions. Yes, it is true that many of these albums may not have sold like pancakes when they were (barely) released the first time around, but LITA isn't IHOP and they don't care about things like that.  What seems to matter to the folks at LITA is that the artists believed in their musical visions.  Much of the label's reissues are long-deleted obscure, independent or privately-pressed albums from around the world. Every single one of them has a mood, sound and style all its own - no one will confuse Rodriguez with Lewis or Donnie & Joe Emerson - but they are all linked by the 'spirit' of their individuality. In a nutshell, if you enjoy one LITA release, you're bound to 'understand' where they are coming from and you'll instantly need to own everything! (And trust me, I'm still trying to play catch up!)

Which brings us to Rolling Stone's recently published 40 Best Country Albums of 2014 list. LITA not only have two releases on the list, they are the only two REISSUES that made the list! 

At #20 is their COUNTRY FUNK VOLUME II: 1967-1974 collection that includes lesser known funky tunes by Country greats such as Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson and...err... Bobby Darin!

At #12, NATIVE NORTH AMERICA ABORIGINAL FOLK, ROCK AND COUNTRY 1966-1985 VOL. ONE is a surprise because it's not your standard Country-related release, yet it totally makes sense given the wide range of titles that made this list.  Country isn't just men with Stetsons and purdy ladies warbling away in sequin gowns anymore!

Congratulations to all the folks at Light In The Attic for the recognition for all of their hard work.  We salute you!

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