Friday, May 29, 2015

THE WAKING DEAD! NFD 'Return To Dust' with new video and album Waking The Dead!


"Return To Dust"

From the album

Waking The Dead

NFD release their full album follow-up to the 2013 mini-album ‘Reformations’.  It’s their first full-length album since 2006 and features amongst others Cradle Of Filth guitarist James McIlroy and Fields of the Nephilim’s Tony Pettitt.

NFD are a London and now part LA-based hybrid Goth/Rock band formed by singer, guitarist and songwriter Peter ‘Bob’ White just over 10 years ago out of the ashes of The Nefilim and Sensorium, by teaming up with Simon Rippin (Sensorium/Nefilim) and founding Fields of the Nephilim member Tony Pettitt.  

Long serving and integral member Chris Milden maintains rhythm guitar duties while his Lahanya bandmate Luca Mazzucconi (Drums) & Cradle Of Filth’s James McIlroy (Lead Guitar) both of whom joined the ranks in 2009 complete a formidable line up of some of the best musicians on the scene.

Now they've produced 'RETURN TO DUST' one more in a brand new whole series of videos now being crafted in Hollywood!

NFD have issued four albums: ‘No Love Lost’ (2004), ‘Dead Pool Rising’ (2006), ‘Deeper Visions’ mini-album (2008) and following their 5-year break, the mini-album ‘Reformations’ (2013).  Conceived alongside Reformations was this full album, ‘Waking The Dead’, recorded in London, Malibu and Hollywood.

Now NFD are set to stir things up again with their own brand of rocket fuelled Goth Rock, never afraid to mix things up a bit while remaining true to their roots!   BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!  SO LET IT END… SO LET IT BEGIN.

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