Tuesday, August 9, 2016



This is a photo of THE LEGAL MATTERS. 

That is CHRIS RICHARDS on the left, KEITH KLINGENSMITH in the middle and ANDY REED on the right.

They like to drink beer and play music. Not necessarily in that order.  

The music they play is quite tasty. A delicious blend of pop smarts, heavenly harmonies and melodic hooks.

Some people call them Power Pop. Others call them Pure Pop.  However, generalizing their music and placing it in a box is not fair.  They are whatever you want them to be. And they are f***ing great at whatever it is that they do.

Their self-titled debut album was one of the finest albums released in the last decade.

And guess what?

They have a new album coming in October on Omnivore.  I've heard it.  It made me cry because it was so good.

The album is called Conrad.  I don't know why. They didn't tell me... but, to be fair, I didn't ask them either.

And now, you can click on the link below and download four LEGAL MATTERS songs for free.  "Anything" is from their forthcoming album - you know, the one they call Conrad. "We Were Enemies" and "The Legend Of Walter Wright" are from their self-titled debut album. "Don't Look Back" is a cover of a song by Teenage Fanclub.  You can only get "Don't Look Back" here. For free.  The other songs are free, too.  That is why it is called a free download.

I highly recommend you download these songs now because the world might end soon and you'll totally miss the opportunity to get these great tunes for free.  Seriously.

Your friend,
Stephen SPAZ Schnee


BC said...

Just checking them out on Spotify and really enjoying! Thanks for the great post on them and thoughtful review of the Archies boxset.

Stephen SPAZ Schnee said...

Thank you for taking the time to read it!