Thursday, March 16, 2017

JOHN WATTS & FISCHER-Z: Ten Reasons...

Ten Reasons Why You Should Love

(This feature was originally published in 2015 but has been updated with a video from FZ's 2017 album, BUILDING BRIDGES.)

John Watts. He's a legend, you know. 

However, he's one of those over-looked, under-appreciated legends that not enough people know about. He's been releasing music for nearly 40 years under a series of different projects, the most notable and popular being FISCHER-Z. He's also released music under variations of his own name (John Watts, JM Watts, Watts) and one album by a short-lived band by the name of The Cry. If none of these names ring a bell to you, then don't feel bad - you've still got time to catch up with his music, no matter what guise he recorded it under. Good music never becomes stale, old or disposable.

The most remarkable thing about John Watts is that he has remained relevant throughout the years. The overall sound and production of his records may vary over the years, but he remains in touch with who he is as a songwriter and human being. He is not one that consistently churns out music that resembles his European hits of old - he is a songwriter that ages gracefully, allowing his music and lyrics to reflect who he is today, not yesterday or 1980.  Though not exactly prolific, he still releases stunning music under his own name and the Fischer Z banner. He does not waste his talent regurgitating his old songs - he doesn't follow a formula and he'll never write a song like "So Long" (Fischer Z's biggest hit) again. However, he has continued to write songs as good as "So Long" and I'm most certain that he will continue to do so. His talent is unique and continues to move forward....

With a new album due shortly (March 2017), I thought I'd take a moment to remind you all of the magic of his music. It is difficult to pick 10 out of a back catalog that is filled with high points, but I am attempting to introduce the unconverted to his talents.

I have chosen 10 songs that I think may encourage non-believers to dig a little deeper....

(NOTE: I had to work with what was available on YouTube)

So please, spend a nice hearty half hour or so of your life getting acquainted with Mr. Watts.

You're welcome.

FISCHER-Z/"So Long" 


FISCHER-Z/"The Perfect Day"

JOHN WATTS/"What A Time To Live"

FISCHER-Z/"You'll Never Find Brian Here"

THE CRY/"Take It Round Again"


FISCHER-Z/"Will You Be There?"


FISCHER-Z/"Damascus Disco"



JOHN WATTS/Intimate live gig!

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cammie said...

outstanding article and song selection. John Watts is criminally underrated