Monday, August 28, 2017

RIGHT SAID FRED: Ten Reasons...


Ten Reasons Why You Should Love:


     Now that Taylor Swift has released her single "Look What You Made Me Do" featuring an interpolation of Right Said Fred’s mega-hit “I’m Too Sexy,” the spotlight is shining once again on the British duo consisting of vocalist Richard Fairbrass and his brother, multi-instrumentalist Fred Fairbrass. To some Americans, they are a ‘one hit wonder’ but if you look at the whole picture, RSF has had numerous hits in Europe and elsewhere. And right now, they are sitting at the top of the charts all around the world thanks to Ms. Swift…

     But who is Right Said Fred? To begin with, let me quote what I wrote about the band over at All Music Guide ( “If you've never heard anything by Right Said Fred apart from their worldwide mega-hit "I'm Too Sexy," then you are missing out on one of the best dance-pop bands of this generation. To base your opinion of the band on that one song is like judging the Beatles' entire catalog by repeated listenings to a song like "Yellow Submarine." Sure, it's fun and catchy, but there is so much more to the band than that one piece of pop fluff.”

     Look, I could write a book about Right Said Fred. However, someone else would do a much better job than I, so I’ll leave it to the professionals. However, just let me say that the Freds (as they are affectionately known by their fans) is one of modern music's finest Pop bands. Take the less cynical and pretentious side of Pet Shop Boys, add the joy of Abba, toss in some modern dance beats, sweeten the pot with humor and lather the whole thing with infectious melodies and you’ve got Right Said Fred. Yeah, that about sums it up.

     Instead of using more words to describe them, I’ve decided to pick 10 great songs from their catalog and let you discover their music for yourself. OK, I know that “I’m Too Sexy” is probably running through your head so let’s get that out of the way right now:

     Below, I’ve chosen 10 RSF songs from their back catalog that I feel offer a nice overview of their career. Bear in mind that I’m not concentrating on ‘hits.’  Instead, I’m featuring tracks that might encourage you to investigate the band’s output even further.  There are plenty more great tracks where these came from!

NOTE: I am aware that other RSF fans would choose different tracks to showcase the duo's talents. And yes, my choices at this moment might change an hour from now. In fact, I'm already thinking of at at least 20 other tracks I could switch these out for.  But alas, this post is called 'Ten Reasons...' so I'll have to stick to my guns. Maybe.

1. "Melanie"

2. "Deeply Dippy"

3. "Stand Up (For The Champions)"

4. "The Sun Changes Everything"

5. "Sweet Wonderful You"

6. "Sweet Treats"

7. "Cry"

8. "I Ain't Stupid"

9. "Obvious"

10: "Living On A Dream"

BONUS TRACK: "We Are The Freds"

I'm not at all too sexy,
Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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