Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SCOTT McCAUGHEY: Please help pave his road to recovery!

Friends, nomads and music fans... lend me your comb!

Since 1981, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Scott McCaughey has been a part of your life. Well, maybe not directly but certainly indirectly. Or peripherally… however you want to look at it! From his days with Young Fresh Fellows up through his years as the ‘fifth Beatle’ in R.E.M. straight through his work with The Minus Five, Scott has given completely of himself. His heart and soul has been deep in the music. His undying love for all things music-related comes through in his songs and performances.  He has given so much of that passion to all of us… and now, it is time for us to give it back to him!

Scott McCaughey suffered a stroke in November, 2017 and needs help with his medical bills. As many of us now know, love, passion and a deep knowledge of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s history does not pay the bills. His music has helped us through hard times so maybe we can offer a bit of help to Scott as he walks the path to recovery.

I interviewed Scott once and had a great chat. While it didn’t make the interview, we discussed mono Monkees albums and as we talked, he went through his collection to verify that he had the mono pressing of HEADQUARTERS, which I thought was really cool. But I’m a geek….

Let’s do something for Scott since he has done so much for us!

Here is the link to the gofundme page:

Thank you,
Stephen SPAZ Schnee

And for all of you Christmas music fans, there is a brand new holiday release by Scott and his band The Minus 5 called DEAR DECEMBER:

"In early 2017, Scott McCaughey was asked to write some holiday songs for another artists holiday album. He became so inspired by the task that he wrote more than an albums worth of material and decided to record that album with his group, The Minus 5, a rotating line-up of musician friends that McCaughey recruits to join him from time-to-time. The resulting album, DEAR DECEMBER, brings holiday cheer and a fresh batch of great songs featuring collaborations with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie), Peter Buck, Mike Mills, The Posies, Colin Meloy (The Decemberists), Chuck Prophet, M. Ward, Tammy Ealom (Dressy Bessy), Kurt Bloch, Kelly Hogan and Norah OConnor."

P.S.  Here is a great song that he wrote about former Monkees member and Country Rock pioneer Michael Nesmith - taken from The Minus 5 album OF MONKEES AND MEN!

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