Wednesday, August 15, 2018

SPAZ reviews WILKERSON! Is it a POP masterpiece?

(Spyderpop Records)

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Well, folks, prepare to be amazed because WILKERSON, the debut solo album by Texas singer/songwriter Danny Wilkerson (The Pengwins), leaves his competition in the dust. There have been a lot of great albums released in 2018 so far but none as magnificent as this POP opus (Popus?). 

But is it Power Pop? Yes and no. You see, WILKERSON is an album that defies AND embraces many genres. Some of the tracks contain elements of Badfinger and Paul McCartney but then there are also huge chunks of ELO, some later period Squeeze, a pinch of 10cc, a dibble-dabble of Supertramp, and a Beatles-esque glaze that holds it all together.

Oh, and there’s a little Jellyfish in there, too. Well, to be more precise, there’s literally a Jellyfish member on WILKERSONRoger Joseph Manning, Jr. appears on much of the album playing a variety of instruments! Another Pop legend, The Flashcubes’ drummer Ducky Carlisle, beats the skins on a few album tracks as well. The whole enchilada was produced and co-written by the uber-talented Bleu, whose influence is strong but not domineering. However, all this extra musical muscle would mean nothing if it wasn’t for the heart and soul of Danny Wilkerson, who steers this ship with confidence, joy, and an obvious passion for creating music. Some would call WILKERSON a labor of love for Danny but in all actuality, it feels more like a gift to those who still believe in the power and magic of music!

The album’s first single, “Let It Go Tonight,” is an emotionally uplifting track with a wall of acoustic guitars and soaring vocals. Album opener “Everybody Loves To Love” tosses 10cc, The Beach Boys and ELO into a blender and offers up a soul-stirring slice of audio bliss. “Enough For Somebody” could be a massive radio hit… if radio mattered these days. Same with “How She Lost My Heart” – a Pop masterpiece that deserves to finger-snap most of the Top 40 into dust! “You Still Owe Me A Kiss” mixes McCartney solo with some late period Beatles and some Jeff Lynne-like production. And then…. Oh, heck. I could go on and on about how each song is great but YOU really need to stop reading this and order this slice of magic now.

If you are one of those that thinks that they ‘don’t make albums like they used to,’ think again. This is an album that reaches across generations and genres. Remember 'back in the day' when you heard a new record that totally blew your mind - it was that good? Well, this is the next album that is going to do that for you. This is all the fun of a fair and a whole lot more!

WILKERSON is life-affirming music that will lift you up and shine light to even the darkest chambers of your heart.  It is time to believe in music again.

Keep on truckin',
Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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Great song! Was that Aston Kutcher in the video?