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EMERALD VALLEY is the second album by Filthy Friends, a band spearheaded by Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker and R.E.M.’s Peter Buck.

SPAZ: EMERALD VALLEY is now ready for release. How are you feeling about this project and the reaction to it so far?
CORIN TUCKER: I’m really happy with how the record turned out. We’ve been working on it for a few years. The reaction so far has been really positive, so that’s rewarding, too.

SPAZ: While it has probably been asked and answered many times before, how did the two of you (Corin & Peter Buck) meet and when did talk of this collaboration first come about?
CORIN: Peter asked me to sing a song on his first solo album, which went well, and then called me and asked if I was interested in making a record together.  We started writing together and that’s how we made the first Filthy Friends album (2017’s INVITATION).

SPAZ: Was there a certain composition or recording when you realized that things really clicked and this project was truly coming together?
CORIN: When we were writing INVITATION, the song “Arrival” was a fun, big number where I felt like our talents complimented each other. And it was fun!

SPAZ: Apart from you, Peter, Scott McCaughey, and Kurt Bloch, who else played on EMERALD VALLEY?
CORIN: We are lucky to have Linda Pitmon playing drums for us now. She’s terrific.

SPAZ: The album is wonderfully eclectic with every song traveling down slightly different musical paths. Did you initially decide to approach each song with a different mindset or did that just come naturally during the writing and recording process?
CORIN: I think that we did try and have a kind of musical variety in the songs. We wrote as much as we could to try and have a lot of songs.

SPAZ: From the soft Folk of “Hey Lacy” to the bluesy Rock of “Emerald Valley,” the album offers an updated and unique twist on both classic roots and Indie music. Were there any artists or albums that inspired the writing/recording of this collection of tracks.
CORIN: There’s a lot of music that inspired us, but there’s definitely a hint of Led Zeppelin to Emerald Valley, also indie bands like The Pixies and writers like Lucinda Williams.

SPAZ: Is there a lyrical theme that runs through the album or is this a collection of random ideas brought together as a whole?
CORIN: I think the theme is really about climate change and how our little part of the world is feeling the impact of that and the current times.

SPAZ: The album’s musical vision is wide but you still manage to keep the recording intimate, making it easy for the listener to connect with. Did it just work out that way organically?
CORIN: We worked quickly in the studio to try and make the songs hang together as a session.

SPAZ: All these tracks work in tandem together, creating a distinct listening experience from beginning to end. In compiling the album, was it difficult to put together a tracklist that everyone was happy with? It seems in the age of streaming, the art of compiling an album tracklist gets lost in the shuffle.
CORIN: We definitely worked on the sequence, as the idea of an album is still important to us.

SPAZ: Do you think in terms of ‘radio play’ or ‘singles’ these days? For example, “Pipeline” is one of the album’s highlights with a great chorus and a very brief but delicious ‘70s George Harrison-esque guitar solo…
CORIN: I think we really just tried to create good songs that tell a story.

SPAZ: Are there songs leftover from the EMERALD VALLEY sessions that you may release at some point in the future?
CORIN: There are a couple, so perhaps!

SPAZ: What’s next for Filthy Friends?
CORIN: We are touring in May to support the album!! And I’m sure we’ll keep writing.

SPAZ:  What are you currently spinning on your record and/or CD players?
CORIN: I’m really into the new album by Y La Bamba - MUJERES.

Thanks to Corin Tucker
Special thanks to Steve Dixon and Dave Rayburn



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