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(Spyderpop Records)


While he is known in some circles as a Power Pop artist, Lannie Flowers’ music does not belong to one genre. You could also confidently file his records under Rock, Americana, Pop, Alternative Rock, and Folk/Country. He makes the kind of records that sound great whether you hear them blaring out of a roadside diner jukebox, a portable AM radio, or an audiophile’s hi-fi system. Most importantly, he writes songs that easily connect with the listener through heartfelt honesty. When you hear a Lannie Flowers song, you get a first-hand peek inside the man’s heart, mind, and soul. Without pretense, Lannie turns a simple listening experience into something much deeper and more fulfilling. However, he knows his way around a melody and he is never in short supply of sharp, catchy hooks. So, call him Power Pop if you want but don’t be surprised to discover that there are so many different musical layers baked into a Lannie Flowers musical soufflé.

While HOME, his long-awaited 2019 album, is not a concept album per say, it has a recurring theme: home is where the heart is. Or maybe ‘home sweet home’ or ‘there’s no place like home.’ In any case, HOME is an album that will touch each listener in different ways. It is an album that operates as both a musical tour-de-force and a revealing look into a songwriter that understands the human condition. HOME is one of the most lyrically honest albums to come along in years yet it doesn’t shy away from dragging you in with melodies dipped in honey and laced with just the right amount of spice. And one of the most miraculous things about HOME is that it may have been written by a humble Texan but it’s message is universal. With songs that are thoughtful and jam-packed with passion and emotion, HOME works on many levels. Is home a place that is defined by four walls or is it something more spiritual? Is home where you gather with friends or is it where you prefer to be alone? HOME doesn’t answer these questions, it lets the listener decide and define what ‘home’ really is. On the other hand, there is no denying that HOME  - the album - is a Pop masterpiece.

HOME is an album that is fresh and invigorating but also comforting and familiar. Mixing influences from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly, and Mott The Hoople with nods to American Power Pop, New Wave, and ‘60s and ‘70s Top 40 radio, Lannie adds a few handfuls of pure Texas boot dust to his heady brew and comes up with something entirely unique. HOME reveals a more reflective Lannie Flowers than ever before… but don’t think that he hasn’t brought the tunes along with him for the ride. Album opener “Running” may start gently but it quickly kicks into high gear, paving the way for a suite of songs that range from heartbreaking to life-affirming. Even the guitar solo on “I Got A Secret” reaches deep down without – obviously – saying a word. HOME’s highlights are plenty: “Shine A Light,” “My Street,” “In Time,” “Missing You Tonight,” “Just Go To Sleep,” and the title track are instantly delicious slices of Pop bliss that should be on high rotation on every terrestrial and satellite radio station around the world. However, those songs are just the tip of the iceberg. HOME is an album that stands out as both a career high for Lannie Flowers and a new benchmark for melodic Pop songwriters everywhere.

Life is full of twists and turns and the journeys we take will lead us far from our roots but we will always long for the warmth of where we came from… and Lannie Flowers is here to welcome us all HOME!

Your pal,
Stephen SPAZ Schnee

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Matt Street said...

Wow! Great review Steve...I heard Lannie do the song "Home" at the recent Spyderpop Records fest in New York City. It was truly a standout! Looking forward to checking out the album based on your stellar review! Peace my friend, Matt Street