Thursday, December 12, 2019

FOREVER SPARKS/Firefly review!


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British singer/songwriter Jerry T. Jones has been making records for well over three decades – as a member of One The Juggler, Boom Boom Room, The Reptiles, and Glamweazel – yet FIREFLY is his most intimate release to date. Released under the band name Forever Sparks, FIREFLY doesn’t completely deviate from his most recent work with Glamweazel but it is most definitely its own ‘thing’. A beautifully curated set of songs influenced by British Folk and Psyche Pop, the album spiritually exists somewhere between The Beatles’ WHITE ALBUM and Bowie’s SPACE ODDITY. However, FIREFLY is a very contemporary album that embraces the eccentricities of beloved British songwriters like Ray Davies, Robyn Hitchcock, Bowie, and Martin Newell. From heartfelt to whimsical, there is a lot to take in on FIREFLY, but have no fear: there are plenty of melodic hooks to be found. 

The album – mostly written by Jones and Deborah Smith – explores many different musical avenues: from atmospheric Soft Pop (“Trip To The Sun”) and Psyche Folk (“Firefly”) to insanely catchy Space Pop (“Mr. Ripley”) and ambitious Prog Pop (“Upon A Tree”). There are also plenty of great Pop songs to be found: the glorious “Grown Wood Years”, “Rainbow Love”, “Earth From Space”, and “Special Blend” are some of the highlights. While the album does offer up a myriad of moods, it is a cohesive and engaging piece of work. FIREFLY is so strong that it may be Jones’ best full-length album to date. Much like life, the album reveals the highs and lows of our emotional existence. Thankfully, within its many layers, FIREFLY offers a feeling of hope rather than desperation. That’s what Pop songs are supposed to do.

FOREVER SPARKS is: Jerry T. Jones, Al Costin, and Fred Ward

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